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Emergency – then what?

The summer climate news is bad. (It usually is these days). This year a combination of record temperatures and flash floods in the UK, heat…

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Festival of Solutions – Up Our Street

Lucy and I just had a great afternoon at Up Our Street’s Festival of Solutions event in Easton Community Centre in Bristol. We had some…

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Our Action Plan

Getting toward zero carbon is a massive undertaking. We’re pushing it along in three ways: Vision Creation; enabling Green infrastructure; and Community Action. Vision Creation…

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What’s stopping us?

You probably noticed we now have official endorsement of a zero carbon target for the UK. There’ll be disagreement about how it’s framed, and the…

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Over the weir – new crowdfunder!

The path to renewable energy does not always run smoothly, and Bristol Energy Co-op (BEC) is working to overcome a setback encountered in March this…

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Thinking of joining? Do it now!

The climate and energy discussion is moving on fast – and in the right direction. In just the last week we’ve had an unprecedented announcement…

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Avon needs trees – update

Great to see that Avon Needs Trees have now reached an agreement to buy their first 34 acre plot near Chippenham. More and more people…

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A solar farm on your roof?

Rooftop solar farms that allow neighbours to share kit are one way forward for community energy, and Bristol could soon grow one.  David Saunders explains….

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The power of zero

There’s a lot to digest in the report from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) earlier this month. The full release, including technical appendices,…

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Write to your MP – about onshore wind, and more…

We’re getting involved in 10:10’s campaign to persuade MPs to press the government to ease restrictions that block onshore wind. And we thought you’d like…

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