Zero West: A new vision for the West of England

Our climate is changing, fast. So are our energy, food and transport systems. But not fast enough to cope.

There are lots of existing plans and projects aimed at cutting greenhouse emissions. Most of them are great. But we think there’s more to do, and more urgently. It’s time to set more ambitious targets, and show how they can actually be met. Zero West is building a new, co-operative, vision of what can be done. A West of England that emits no carbon, and is zero waste, fair and prosperous is achievable.

Above all, our region is ripe for a speedier transition to renewable energy. We’re looking at an area that, roughly, covers the former counties of Avon – home to around a million people. A new organisation working at regional level can achieve things that aren’t possible at other scales, whether global negotiation, city plans, or neighbourhood action.

Zero West builds on the experience of the community energy sector, and seeks a step change in speed and scale of development. That calls for bringing together new coalitions of effort, that can be supported by everyone, across the whole spectrum of climate concern and activism.

We will strive to get people talking who work in different organisational cultures, and across political or administrative boundaries. We want to:

  • Work with communities to develop a shared vision for a sustainable energy future and to bring it to fruition.
  • Work with businesses and the public sector to develop new, large-scale projects, and unlock matching finance, particularly in renewable energy generation (e.g. offshore wind) and energy efficiency.

There’s a lot to do. Join us! Become a member here.

We invite you to join us in taking our future into our hands.


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