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Winter conference postponed to 16th January

Winter conference now after the general election… Our winter conference was planned before the General Election campaign began. Now the Election is set for Dec…

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Thinking of joining? Do it now!

The climate and energy discussion is moving on fast – and in the right direction. In just the last week we’ve had an unprecedented announcement…

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Building the battery network

Big arrays of batteries are already making their presence felt in the UK’s energy system. A decade ago, Energy Storage News notes, there were no…

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Netham Weir – round two!

Delighted to report that Bristol Energy Co-op smashed their crowdfunding target for the next stages of planning the Netham Weir hydro power project. They have…

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Emergency – then what?

The summer climate news is bad. (It usually is these days). This year a combination of record temperatures and flash floods in the UK, heat…

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Festival of Solutions – Up Our Street

Lucy and I just had a great afternoon at Up Our Street’s Festival of Solutions event in Easton Community Centre in Bristol. We had some…

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Our Action Plan

Getting toward zero carbon is a massive undertaking. We’re pushing it along in three ways: Vision Creation; enabling Green infrastructure; and Community Action. Vision Creation…

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What’s stopping us?

You probably noticed we now have official endorsement of a zero carbon target for the UK. There’ll be disagreement about how it’s framed, and the…

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Over the weir – new crowdfunder!

The path to renewable energy does not always run smoothly, and Bristol Energy Co-op (BEC) is working to overcome a setback encountered in March this…

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Avon needs trees – update

Great to see that Avon Needs Trees have now reached an agreement to buy their first 34 acre plot near Chippenham. More and more people…

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