We have funding – for transport planning!

Hello – we’ve been a bit quiet of late (the pandemic and all that), but here’s some exciting Zero West news.

Transport is a huge and particularly challenging part of getting the West of England to zero carbon. It’s also an area where a lot is shifting in the recovery from Covid-19. 

Over the summer we have been working together with Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance (TfGB) and we have jointly secured funding from the Foundation for Integrated Transport for a project to:

1.       Raise the level of strategic vision for Bristol’s transport system among: local and national decision makers, the general public, and sustainable transport advocates.

2.       Create a more integrated and aligned ecosystem among sustainable transport advocates in Bristol and the wider region.

3.       Ensure the TfGB vision for transport is prominent in the discussions around the Bristol and WECA Mayoral elections in 2021 (and beyond).

We have secured a total of £28,800, for alliance-building, professional technical review and maps, graphic design and advocacy.  Our explicit aim is to shift the trajectory of Bristol’s transport system and shape a vision of: efficient and affordable public transport; safe streets for walking and cycling; clean air; and neighbourhoods where children can play.

The project is being run by a core team of Transport for Greater Bristol and Zero West members, with project mangement from Zero West. 

As part of this project we have some budget for a sustainable transport consultant who can integrate the different plans, make a strong case for this approach, and provide a technical review of the TfGB rapid transit plan. Could this be you? 

The project will also include organising stakeholder workshops with people from different travel campaigns, representatives from civic organisations, especially those who currently feel prevented or impeded in using public transport, and neighbourhood organisations, to feed in to the proposals being put forward. This will lead to a designed and engaging summary document which will show why our vision for the future of Bristol’s transport system will bring environmental, air quality and social benefits. We would welcome conversations with Zero West members about this process and who to include.

Author: Zero West