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Building the battery network

Big arrays of batteries are already making their presence felt in the UK’s energy system. A decade ago, Energy Storage News notes, there were no…

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Our Action Plan

Getting toward zero carbon is a massive undertaking. We’re pushing it along in three ways: Vision Creation; enabling Green infrastructure; and Community Action. Vision Creation…

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What’s stopping us?

You probably noticed we now have official endorsement of a zero carbon target for the UK. There’ll be disagreement about how it’s framed, and the…

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A solar farm on your roof?

Rooftop solar farms that allow neighbours to share kit are one way forward for community energy, and Bristol could soon grow one.  David Saunders explains….

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The power of zero

There’s a lot to digest in the report from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) earlier this month. The full release, including technical appendices,…

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Microgrids – key to zero-carbon homes?

Our new energy system will be a mosaic of large and small projects, and one venture Zero West has helped get off the ground is…

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Hydrogen, green gas, and energy storage

Zero carbon means that we completely stop using fossil fuels (or does it? maybe a topic for a future blog). We can meet all of…

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Working together

Zero West’s ambition to speed up the shift to a new energy system means we must find  the ‘sweet spot’ where business, community and government…

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Offshore wind – An MP who gets it (and the big picture)

Parliament has had an, er, mixed record in the last couple of years, but don’t underestimate the less visible work of MPs. An example we…

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Time to get more ambitious

Today (15 Feb) the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) considers its energy strategy. The discussion was originally scheduled for a meeting a couple of…

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