Our Action Plan

Getting toward zero carbon is a massive undertaking. We’re pushing it along in three ways: Vision Creation; enabling Green infrastructure; and Community Action.

Vision Creation

We want to build a realistic vision of our whole region, urban and rural – a picture of what a diverse, zero carbon and low waste West of England could be like. 

We aim to:

  • Help everyone see themselves viable future, as an inspiration to action.  
  • Be real, grounded, and positive – not mired in dystopian tales. 
  • Link future visions to the results from our data modelling. 
  • Create an archive of visioning gathered from across the region.

We’ll draw on the archive to show what is possible in a compelling way, through art and culture. We may offer fragments of a positive vision, or build an overarching single vision. Time will tell: Some of the visions we conjure may contradict each other. But they will need to fit with the overall Zero West vision of “A West of England that is zero carbon, zero waste, fair and prosperous by 2030.”

Community Action

We want to help take meaningful action on climate change across the region, at a scale that this emergency demands.

Meaningful action:

  • Includes individual actions, but calls for thinking about how far they can contribute, give the scale of the problem. 
  • Includes engaging as a citizen – e.g. writing to MPs, and making changes in our own lives like insulating homes.
  • Is enhanced by coming together with other people, and feeling like part of a bigger movement.

We will develop some straightforward ways people can get involved, at whatever level they can commit to.

Green Infrastructure

This work facilitates the development of the physical infrastructure we need for a zero carbon, zero waste West of England. 

Our projects working group will:

  • Identify opportunities for project development where there is a gap, or where larger scale collaborations could unlock new initiatives
  • Facilitate the development of projects, locally, regionally and – where necessary – beyond the region
  • Identify blockers to action that need to be tackled through lobbying or other means
  • Review outcomes of data analysis to help inform priorities

 Zero West will not be an asset owner. That will be the organisations who come together on any particular project.

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Author: Zero West