Public engagement

Public engagement group – current work

   “…The shift to zero carbon could be one of the most exciting opportunities in human history. It offers many benefits including better housing, affordable, accessible transport, reduced obesity, improved health, cleaner air and more jobs. We can transform isolated, stressful, consumer-focused lifestyles and find better physical and psychological wellbeing by increasing our sense of connection with community and nature.”  “Zero Carbon Britain – Making it Happen” report  

There are several strands to the public engagement group’s work:
•Climate change outreach, eg, “climate conversations”
•Policy work
•Lobbying/campaigning activity
•Traditional marketing campaigns such as energy-switching

Most of Zero West’s work so far has been on data modelling and infrastructure project development. We felt it was important to demonstrate some successful, inspiring Zero West activity before seeking wider buy-in from the general public.

The public engagement group’s focus so far has therefore been on developing  initiatives for Zero West’s public launch and increasing the number of key Zero West supporters.

The group organised a “Zero West” day conference in January 2018. This brought together people involved in many of the fantastic low-carbon initiatives already underway in the region on food, energy, transport, and housing. It was a day of visioning, info-sharing and planning. 

It’s also run a number of sessions of the “West of England Energy Game”.

We are now considering our next moves, as the organisation establishes a membership base in 2019.