Thinking of joining? Do it now!

The climate and energy discussion is moving on fast – and in the right direction. In just the last week we’ve had an unprecedented announcement from a coalition of Parliamentary committees that they are going to organise a Citizens’ Assembly on climate emergency policy, and the House of Commons approved a zero carbon 2050 target without a vote.

So maybe there’s a temptation to sit back and just let all this happen? There shouldn’t be. Targets and plans mean little unless they are followed up. And there’s an ever-increasing amount of work in view to make that happen.

We want our region to lead on that, and that means now is the time for a membership drive.

We’ve developed gradually since our first exploratory event back in 2016, but are now entering a more active phase. We believe accelerating the transition to zero carbon in the West of England can be more effective, at scale, if there is an organisation working regionally that both complements more local efforts, and helps influence national as well as regional policy.

Our work on Green infrastructure, Community action, and Vision creation, will offer a positive approach to the climate emergency. 

We already have support of a number of organisations, large and small, in the region, listed here. But there are many more who we hope will now support us.

We want to build a network that brings together as many organisations – and individuals – as possible in the region, to improve information exchange on how to decarbonise the economy, and to establish a community of interest in making that happen more rapidly. 

So if you are part of an organisation that ought to join this effort, or know of one, please give them a (polite) nudge And if you would like to get actively involved as an individual member, come along to a working group meeting and get to know us, or get in touch for a direct chat with someone on the steering group. Now’s the best time!

Author: Zero West